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when I do a replace with "Find in Files" Sublime will open ALL the matching files, do the replacements, and then leave the files in there unsaved. How do I stop that? I have just had to close manually 642 files.

Ideally, there'd be a setting / option / tickbox to do the replacements in place.
Agreed. This is one of several improvements needed to make Find and replace across files work for large projects. See also this ticket and this one
Save All and Close All Files makes this process less painful though.

This is even worse when you have to find/replace using regex across 30,000 files and 10,000+ files of those need to be replaced.


That certainly sounds painful enough that I'd never even attempt it using any editor. There are other tools suited to such tasks.


I understand that, but Sublime Text should be able to handle this. Visual Studio has a checkbox in their Replace In Files dialog called "Keep Modified Files Open After Replace All" and when you uncheck this it will just auto-save the files for you instead of opening them all and doing as you wish with them; Sublime Text needs the same functionality.

I just had the painful experience of this after my computer crashed trying to open several thousand files.


Indeed! Shouldn't be too hard a feature to implement.

Btw, if you end up implementing this - please make the user tick the checkbox EVERY TIME they do a search. BBEdit (remember that?) used to do it while Dreamweaver didn't, and from bitter experience I know it's much safer to have that tick box non sticky, in case you need to a local search after a global one and forget to untick it, as there is no undo.

is this feature implemented in sublime text 2 yet or do i still have to use the command line to do sth like this? even notepad++ can do search & replace with autosave! :)

Same request...curious if its been implemented...
Just had 30,000 files open on me, ouch!

This feature is NEEDED. And frankly, YESTERDAY.