Brett Dargan 6 years ago 0

some projects have an annoying amount of directories, without files, just more directories to navigate down till you get to files.

intellij and some other editors. 

provide a way to flatten the directory tree. so instead we have a list of shortened dir names for those dirs that contain src files.

in java projects: instead of a collapsed directory tree that needs expanding and takes up lots of space in the sidebar with uninteresting dirs like: src/main/java/com/blah/blah...
allow a view with a list like structure:

aristidesfl 6 years ago • updated by Hai Mac Duy 5 years ago 9
Instead of having a set of predefined layouts to choose from, a more flexible and fundamentally simple way (from the user's point of view) would be to have actions for horizontal and vertical splitting.

This would simplify the split pane mechanics (from a usability perspective), and facilitate a more spontaneous workflow. 

Ivan Galyatin 6 years ago • updated by synect 4 years ago 1
It would be cool if i could put a special comment, like:
//! some comment
and it will be visible as a title on a minimap.
Abhijit Soman 5 years ago 0
It would be nice to have Sublime Text port for FreeBSD

John DeStefano 6 years ago 0
Please add Puppet language syntax support (similar to Ruby but not quite)?
Matteo Capobianco 7 years ago • updated by Vladimir Starkov 5 years ago 5
I'm currently using Dropbox to sync "Packages" and "Pristine Packages" between Mac OS X and Ubuntu via symlinks, and it seems to be working like a charm.
Of course I'm not syncing the session because it would make no sense.
michele franzin 6 years ago 0
It would be handly to open & save file from/to a remote folder, using a ssh connection... i.e. doing remote editing.
Stian Håklev 6 years ago • updated by juan.falgueras 2 years ago 10
I love to be able to script my applications, and build workflows. It would be very useful if it were possible to interact with ST2 via AppleScript. Even a simple bridge that let you execute a command (just like when you're binding keyboard shortcuts) through AppleScript would instantly expose most of the application (because of the way it is built). For example a way for a script to open a new window with two files in each pane, in a certain layout etc. (Dynamically).
Jonathan Yarbor 6 years ago 0
You've completed one part of that by making sublime. I've fallen bracket over function for Sublime 2, broke up with my previous editor, and never looked back. I paid in like 1 week of using the trial. The ability to run on my Mac Mini, Linux Laptop, and my PC computer all the same really makes this a beautiful addition. I'll gladly support this program. Thank you for making awesome happen.

ps: you did the editor, and with that I am making the hosting panel
Zachary Nawar 6 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 6 years ago 3
Currently auto complete only searches the currently opened file for similar functions. The ability to make it search your entire project would be nice, and have the results be like:
[trying to autocomplete: "Commit"]

Which will also show the location of the function or the variable you are looking to autocomplete.
Agustin Boleda 5 years ago • updated by Roberto Martelloni 1 year ago 1

Provide a code outline like eclipse

Benny Schmidt 5 years ago • updated by Dylan Glockler 4 years ago 10
It would be nice to have integrated S/FTP in Sublime like in Notepad++ right under the or as an sidebar.
I'm now using Transmit and that makes Sublime crash sometimes.
Lukas B Dot 6 years ago • updated by Liam Cain 6 years ago 5

A while ago I asked this question on StackOverflow:


Code Completion that would access the filesystem would be very helpful, not alone for Images, but also for css/js files and so on...

Now I would like to ask this here. Is there anything planned towards this, are there existing plugins that are doing something like this? 

Chris Hough 6 years ago • updated by Nando Vieira 4 years ago 10
Build in the capability to set the backgrounds of gutters, the folder tree, and backgrounds seperately.  A good discussion on the soda project. https://github.com/buymeasoda/soda-theme/issues/49
Hay Kranen 7 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 7 years ago 5
It would be very handy to have a way to close all open tabs with one command. Maybe Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-W instead of Cmd/Ctrl-W?
Benjamin Quorning 6 years ago • updated by Nieralyte 4 years ago 7
The syntax highlighting of heredocs in Ruby are missing (at least) three things:

* Interpolation is not highlighted:

* Heredoc starting without a dash is not recognized:
Not highlighted

* Heredocs as a method parameter mess up the closing parenthesis:
I don't want to write the regex for this one…

There is some documentation on heredocs here: http://blog.jayfields.com/2006/12/ruby-multiline-strings-here-doc-or.html
John Pansewicz 5 years ago • updated by Leo Gallucci 4 years ago 1

Tabs become pretty much unusable once there are too many open. You can't read the text, and the close box goes away. And if the close box is still there, I find myself clicking it by accident because the tab is too small.

I'm used to using Eclipse, and I like how they limit the number of tabs shown based on how much space is available. This way, you can always read the beginning of the file name, and the close box is always visible. When there are more tabs that can be show, a little menu shows up on the right. The menu shows the "shown" tabs in bold", and the ones that can't be shown are normal. You can then show a tab by selecting it from the list, and another visible one will take its place.

Wayne Ashley Berry 6 years ago • updated by Dave G 5 years ago 1
There are quite a few commands that aren't available in the command pallete, and I generally find it much easier searching for commands than either going through menus or remembering shortcut keys...

Here are a few I can't find
- Bookmarking
- Expanding Selections
- Toggle Comments
- Switch Project

Is there any reason they aren't in the command palette?
Gabriel Lau 6 years ago • updated by Peter Johnson 4 years ago 17
An automatic update, similar to Firefox in the background, it would be more interesting and confortable than the manual way which is currently done.
Łukasz Langa 5 years ago 0
Sublime Text 2 is using TextMate color schemes. This implementation has a bunch of drawbacks WRT Python support. I found three problems with punctuation described by the screenshot below:

Python syntax punctuation problems

Larger version of the screenshot available here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4830253/sublimetext_python_syntax.png

TextMate behaves the same in all cases. If compatibility is more important than solving the problem, so be it. However, I would suggest solving those problems by:

1. supporting punctuation.separator.parameters.python for function calls and punctuation.separator.tuple.python/punctuation.separator.set.python for the respective data structures
2. adding punctuation.section.block.begin.python analogical to punctuation.section.class.begin.python
3. identifying asterisks in function definitions as keyword.operator.arithmetic.python OR adding keyword.operator.unpacking.python